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Dr Olufunmilayo Replies Bola Aseyan Rape Allegation

Dr Olufunmilayo

UK-based Nigerian clinical specialist, Dr Funmilayo Harvey was blamed for rape by another specialist Dr Bola Aseyan, has reacted to the charge.

In a post he simply made on Twitter, the doctor expressed that they met on Twitter in 2019 and regardless of never seeing one another, the relationship was rarely steady.

Dr Funmilayo reacts to rape allegation – We engaged in sexual relations twice

He further uncovered that Bola, who is a doctor in Nigeria, and not the UK, demanded going to the UK to visit, for reasons most popular to her, as her Visa was at first not conceded.

As per him, they had consensual sex, twice. The first being after they were both drunk, just for her to disclose to him the following day she didn’t give her agree to the sex they had.

He at that point referenced that he explicitly inquired as to whether she was suggesting he sexually abused her and she replied saying no.

In his counter, Harvey composed on how he obliged Bola for 4 months in his house in spite of the team not being in talking terms, and his lone wrongdoing was him not permitting her into his heart.

See screenshot below;

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