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“Lagos Is Testing My Mental Health” -Lagos Prospective Tenant


A prospective tenant in search of accommodation in Lagos state has taken to Twitter to share the absurd pictures of a house he was shown.

Judging from the photo, on can see that the apartment is a room self-contained but is rather too small as it limits one to a restricted movement within.

Apart from being a small room, it has a single small window that’s high up and doesn’t provide adequate lightening or ventilation. The kitchen and bathroom on the other hand are so narrow, a further restriction to movement.

Talking about the state of the room, the Twitter user wrote;

“I had to stretch to reach the window,”

“Lagos is testing my mental health tbh. When I’m not a prisoner,”

The price tag attached to the weird apartment was a bizarre one as it costs 250,000 Naira per annum excluding other fees such as agent, agreement, and caution fees.

See the pictures of the apartment below;




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