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Nigerian Police Sergeant Turned DJ Sexy


Odiase Selimot Adejoke has shocked all that knows her as a sergeant in the Nigerian Police force as she has been spotted recently at a party where she entertained people as a DJ.

Selimot, who is now known by her stage name DJ Sexy is a Yoruba woman married to her Edo state husband, considers herself to be the first policewoman turned DJ. In an exclusive interview, she explained that she had always loved the entertainment industry but her father was the main reason she joined the police force. She said;

“I had always been a lover of music and entertainment, so it came naturally to me. Professionally, I will say I started mixing on a professional level in 2015. I learnt from the best hands in the business coupled with sheer desire to be an alpha female DJ in the world. It took sheer consistency and focus. I started from DJ Faze then moved to DJ Mase who taught me the nitty gritty of the art. DJ Tee helped me work and master my timing on the turntables”.

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