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Rema Blasts Critics Over New Song “Woman”


Divine ‘Rema’ Ikubor, has finally reacted to the criticism of his new song, ‘Woman’ as he will never box himself to please anyone.

This comes after the release of his new single. The critics had claimed that the singer’s lyrics were lewd and not comprehensible.

In response, the 2020 BET awards nominee wrote,

“I’m a proud Edo boy, I’ll forever celebrate my culture, I no go shame to use my Benni lamba, they can call me crazy all they want because they don’t understand it but I will never box myself to please anybody.”

“When I hear beats I must misbehave! So, get used to it.”

In a bid to appease the critics, Don Jazzy made a move to explain what he understands of the lyrics in a short video shared on his Instagram account.  He played the song and translated the lyrics saying,

“Sa koloweko (Oweko) that’s easy naw that part just means say ‘Girls una day hear, we dey hear’; then Ikebe wame gear Gear one, gear two, gear three mean say ‘Bring Ikebe you want to say you don’t know what Ikebe is now? It means bring Ikebe come here fast fast, gear one gear two gear three.”

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