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Hoodlums Take Advantage Of Protests In Philadelphia


Some residents in Philadelphia have taken advantage of the on going protest in the country to break into shopping malls and cart away several items across the city.

The  protests came after the moment a Philadelphia Police officer fatally shot a Black man in West Philadelphia. The protesters gathered in West Philadelphia at about 7 p.m on Tuesday, October 27th, and marched to the 18th District police headquarters.

Also on Tuesday night, the lawyer for the family of Walter Wallace Jr., who was shot dead by police, said that the family had called for an ambulance, not police, to get him help with a mental health crisis.

The death of Walter in front of his family members sparked outrage, which in turn ignited series of demonstrations in which the hoodlums took advantage of to loot.

The Philadelphia police said that two officers were hurt during Tuesday night’s unrest, however, the extent of their injuries was not revealed.

Watch video below;

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