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Lagos Kicks Against Drilling Boreholes Without Approval

The admonition went ahead the impact points of implementation completed by the LSWRC at some building destinations in Ikoyi pivot of the State where boreholes were bored explicitly in a square of 36-pads without permit and allows, just as holding fast to wellbeing measures.

LSWRC Executive Secretary, Mrs Funke Adepoju, in an announcement, said as a proactive government, the current organization had initiated full implementation of the authorizing and allowing system for borehole drillers to guarantee safe water utilization by occupants, ensure groundwater and incite natural supportability.

She said the requirement, which is an administrative arrangement, was a piece of the control gauges by the state government to forestall unregulated boring of borehole in the State.

As indicated by her, the Lagos State Harmonized Environmental Protection and Management Law (2017) engages the LSWRC to direct the creation, dissemination, reflection, utilization, gracefully and utilization of water, just as nature of administration, and that it would add up to breaking the law for any borehole driller and proprietor to work without permit and grant from the Commission.

“The LSWRC has the mandate to ensure that operators in the industry comply with standards. If you have to drill, we have the responsibility to ensure that water available is safe for consumption. In view of the high impact between hygienic water and health, government will not allow quacks take over the industry. The danger in allowing such in terms of health of residents and environmental sustainability can better be imagined than experienced and so the drillers need license to operate in line with our regulatory provision,” Adepoju said.

The topographical arrangement of Lagos is sedimentary and alert is the word. With the significance of groundwater, government is ready to shield it from contamination, sullying of water bodies, unregulated penetrating ,saline filtration, natural corruption, among others,” the LSWRC manager clarified.