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Football Coach Nick Saban, Athletic Director Greg Byrne Tests Positive For COVID-19


68 year old Alabama coach Nick Saban has been tested positive for COVID-19 and is currently undergoing self-isolating at home while he oversee his team’s practices via Zoom.

In the same vein, Alabama’s athletic director Greg Byrne has also been reported to have tested positive,

In a statement, Saban said;

“I found out earlier this afternoon that I had tested positive for COVID-19,”

“I immediately left work and isolated at home. At this time, I do not have any symptoms relative to COVID, and I have taken another PCR test to confirm my diagnosis.”

“I feel fine, so I’m not really concerned that much about my health, but you never know,” Saban said. “Look, I basically feel like when we’re in our own personal bubble here everybody is in a much safer place. I think as soon as you travel you get exposed to a lot more things and a lot more people.”


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