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I want To Stay At Chelsea – Christensen

The Denmark international has restored himself in the first team under Frank Lampard after his chances were constrained under previous administrator Maurizio Sarri.

That lead to mounting hypothesis that the 24-year-old could leave the club, however while Christensen concedes life under Sarri was troublesome now and again, he never needed to leave.

Also, the defender is quick to broaden his present agreement.

“I’ve never looked anywhere else,” Christensen told Sky Sports. “I’ve never doubted my situation. I’ve always had my eyes at Chelsea.

“I’ve had my contract and I’ve always expected to finish that and I’ve always dreamed of even more than that. Nothing has changed.

“Obviously it was a different situation last season but I still love being here, that’s the short answer.”

What’s more, with two prominent signings to add to the crew, with Hakim Ziyech and Timo Werner showing up this late spring, Chelsea are looking a genuine danger in front of next season.

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