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“If You Don’t Take Care Of Me, Other Men Are Waiting In Line” – Lady Stuns Boyfriend After She ‘Stole’ Money From His Account

boyfriend and girlfriend fighting

A Nigerian man has shared his chat with girlfriend who took 60,000 naira from his account without his permission, and still bragged it was the right thing to do.

From the chat between the duo, the lady didn’t feel remorseful about her action , rather, she lamented for not taking more money from his account.

The angry boyfriend warned her not to ever take money from his account without his permission, but she shoved him off, saying she has other men waiting in line, and if he doesn’t take care of her, then she will move over to them.

He however insisted that she has no right to touch his money, and he doesn’t mind ending the relationship, because of her “sick entitlement mentality”.

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