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Can You Share A Joint Bank Account With Your Spouse?


I remember travelling in a public transport alongside other passengers when the man sitting in front of me was arguing with his friend on the dangers of having a joint account with his wife.

This attracted the opinion of every one of us in that bus including mine and everyone had something to say. I didn’t say anything but sat quietly to listen to what everyone had to say. Before I knew it there were already two opposing groups. One group supported the fact that couples should not have a joint account and the other group did not see anything wrong in it.

I didn’t get to hear the rest of that discussion as I soon dropped at my bus stop. Listening to the cool music from my phone, I asked myself if it was such a bad idea to have a joint account with ones spouse. The man in the bus had talked about how his wife made away with a large sum of money from their joint account. His friend on the other hand, had explained its benefits for himself and his wife as the account they co-share had helped them achieve most of their set goals.

These days, the issue of trust among couples is being compromised.  A spouse you once knew might turn out to be someone you don’t know. Some men take pleasure in controlling the ‘money affairs’ in their marriage, sidelining their wives in many decision making processes. This has made many women look for ways to get back at their husbands when the opportunity comes their way. I’m not saying this is it, but this could be one of it.

Now I throw the question to you. Do you think it’s a good idea for couples to share the same bank accounts?

As a man or a woman can you have a joint account with your spouse?


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