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SINGLES GIST: Before You Say I Do

sex in relationship

Should s*x be the basics of a relationship?

A lot of people are in relationships. While some have it all figured out as they’ve set long term goals for total commitment, there are still others who still set off on the wrong sail.

It has been argued that s*x in a relationship before marriage is not a good idea. However, many people do not see it that way as the practice of chastity is considered old fashioned.

Do we really think its old fashioned? Well, I had a conversation with a friend who sought my advice on settling down with the right person. I gave him the most honest of all my opinions which I’m about to share here.

If s*x is the only reason why you want a relationship its better you stay single.
Bro got so pissed that he didn’t want to talk to me. Was anything the matter? I wouldn’t know.
So I’m leaving the seats of my very round table vacant for us to sit and discuss.

What is your opinion?